Four short links: 4 April 2018

Forum Software, Data Analytics, Datalog Query, and Online != High-Tech

By Nat Torkington
April 4, 2018
  1. Spectrumopen source forum software. (via announcement)
  2. MacroBasea data analytics tool that prioritizes attention in large data sets using machine learning […] specialized for one task: finding and explaining unusual or interesting trends in data.
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  4. datahikea durable database with an efficient datalog query engine.
  5. Why So Many Online Mattress Brands — trigger for a rant: software is eating everything, but that doesn’t make everything an innovative company. If you’re applying the online sales playbook to product X (kombucha, mattresses, yoga mats) it doesn’t make you a Level 9 game-changing disruptive TechCo, it makes you a retail business keeping up with the times. I’m curious where the next interesting bits of tech are—@gnat me with your ideas.
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