Four short links: 4 December 2019

Complexity Explorer, Information Awareness, Old School Colors, and Automatic Code Reviews

By Nat Torkington
December 4, 2019
Four Short Links
  1. The Complexity Exploreronline courses, tutorials, and resources essential to the study of complex systems. Complexity Explorer is an education project of the Santa Fe Institute.
  2. 52 Things I Learned in 2019Each year, humanity produces 1,000 times more transistors than grains of rice and wheat combined.
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  4. How to Fight Lies, Tricks, and Chaos Online (The Verge) — When to look deeper: You have a strong emotional reaction; A story seems totally ridiculous—or perfectly confirms your beliefs; You’re going to spend money because of it; You immediately want to amplify the story. A lot of sound advice on spotting dodgy content and then what to do to dig into it. The trick is to find someone who wants to read it…
  5. Phosphor Colors — detailed answer on what colors the old amber and green-screen terminals were.
  6. AWS CodeGurua machine learning service for automated code reviews and application performance recommendations. Pricey: $0.75 per 100 lines of code scanned per month. Machine learning that helps programmers is here.
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