Four short links: 4 October 2017

Interactive Data Cleaning, Nematoduino, Hacking WebUSB, and Web History

By Nat Torkington
October 4, 2017
  1. ActiveClean (Paper-A-Day) — if you build a model, try it out, look at what it misclassifies, discover bad data, clean, and repeat…you’re going to be bitten on the ass by Simpson’s Paradox.
  2. Nematoduinoan Arduino UNO-compatible robotic simulation of the C. elegans nematode, At the core of the simulation is a spiking neural network incorporating 300 neuron cells of the biological worm’s connectome, along with associated muscle cells.
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  4. Hacking WebUSBWebUSB is a JavaScript API to allow web sites access to connected USB devices. It is aimed at scientific and industrial USB devices and does not support common devices like webcams, HIDs, or mass storage devices. However, many other USB devices can be accessed using the WebUSB API, and users may not realize the level of access gained whenever they grant permission to a web site.
  5. History of the Browser User-Agent String — everything in software is like this, but cruftier.
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