Four short links: 7 February 2017

Game Theory, Algorithms and Robotics, High School Not Enough, and RethinkDB Rises

By Nat Torkington
February 7, 2017
  1. Game Theory in Practice (The Economist) — various firms around the world offering simulations/models of scenarios like negotiations, auctions, regulation, to figure out strategies and likely courses of action from other players.
  2. Videos from the 12th Workshop on Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics — there are plenty with titles like “non-Gaussian belief spaces” (possibly a description of modern America) but also keynotes with titles like Replicators, Transformers, and Robot Swarms.
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  4. No Jobs for High School Grads (NYT) — “In our factories, there’s a computer about every 20 or 30 feet,” said Eric Spiegel, who recently retired as president and chief executive of Siemens USA. “People on the plant floor need to be much more skilled than they were in the past. There are no jobs for high school graduates at Siemens today.”
  5. The Liberation of RethinkDB — The Linux Foundation bought the IP after the startup wound-up, where it’s now run as an open source project via the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, all with the support of the founder and community. Happy story for everyone but the investors in RethinkDB. Also worth noting: RethinkDB is in a competitive space (“NoSQL stuff”) and stands out so much that real money went to rescuing it from the startup deadpool.
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