Four short links: 8 June 2018

Representative Recognition, Cyberwar, Data Science Projects, and Conversational Failure

By Nat Torkington
June 8, 2018
  1. NYT Uses Software to Identify Members of CongressIn addition to confirming the identity of a member, Who The Hill has helped The Times tell some stories we couldn’t have reported otherwise. Most recently, Rachel Shorey found members of Congress at an event hosted by a SuperPAC by trawling through images found on social media and finding matches.
  2. Cyberwar Mapboth a visualization of state-sponsored cyberattacks and an index of Cyber Vault documents related to each topic (represented as nodes on the map).
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  4. Cookie-Cutter Data Science — a standard directory structure and set of conventions for a data science project, with a tool that creates a new one.
  5. Conversations Gone Awry: Detecting Early Signs of Conversational FailureTo this end, we develop a framework for capturing pragmatic devices—such as politeness strategies and rhetorical prompts—used to start a conversation, and analyze their relation to its future trajectory. Applying this framework in a controlled setting, we demonstrate the feasibility of detecting early warning signs of antisocial behavior in online discussions.
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