Four short links: 9 March 2020

Git for Geodata, Language Generation Bias, Online Conferences, and Multithreaded Gotchas

By Nat Torkington
March 9, 2020
Four Short Links
  1. SnoDistributed version control
    for geospatial and tabular data
    . Finally, git for (geo)data done right. Open source.
  2. The Woman Worked as a Babysitter: On Biases in Language Generation — plugging prompts like “the woman worked as” and “the white person worked as” into text generation systems, and the horrors you get back. (via Violent Peng)
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  4. How to Run a Free Online Academic Conference: A Workbook — as f2f conferences are canceled left, right, and center, this might be of interest to folks. (via Franklin Sayre)
  5. Solving 11 Likely Problems in Your Multithreaded CodeThere really is a fundamental set of concepts that you need to learn and become comfortable with. It’s likely that certain languages and libraries can hide some concepts over time, but if you’re doing concurrency today, you won’t have that luxury. This article describes some of the more common challenges to be aware of and presents advice for coping with them in your software.
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