Four short links: 9 September 2016

Chinese Hardware Startups, Cognitive Biases, Sweet Hardware, and Blameful Postmortem

By Nat Torkington
September 9, 2016
  1. Created in ChinaThe tools for sourcing parts, testing ideas, gathering user feedback, raising funds, and distributing products can now rely as much on the Internet as they do on the Pearl River Delta’s physical network of stalls and shippers. This has taken the form of an informal economy where “Shenzhen speed”—Shenzhen sudu—reigns supreme.
  2. Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet — nice redux to help make sense of the mountain of cognitive biases that psych has found.
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  4. ODROID-C2 a 64-bit quad-core single board computer (SBC) that is one of the most cost-effective 64-bit development boards available in the ARM world. Think: super-charged Raspberry PI.
  5. The OPFM Data Breach (PDF) — a blameful postmortem.
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