Highlights from the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in London 2018

Watch highlights from expert talks covering microservices, Kubernetes, serverless, and more.

By Mac Slocum
October 29, 2018
Night in London - O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference Night in London - O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference

People from across the software architecture world came together in London for the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference. Below you’ll find links to highlights from the event.

The challenges of migrating 150+ microservices to Kubernetes

Sarah Wells explains how the Financial Times migrated microservices between container stacks without affecting production users.

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Are microservices a security threat?

Liz Rice outlines the security implications of microservices, containers, and serverless.

Potholes in the road from monolithic hell: Microservices adoption anti-patterns

Chris Richardson describes microservices anti-patterns he’s observed while working with clients around the world.

Why software architects fail and what to do about it

Stefan Tilkov looks at common software architecture pitfalls and explains how they can be avoided.

Introducing serverless to your organization

Mike Roberts explores ideas for trying serverless as well as a framework for evaluating its effectiveness within your organization.

Career advice for architects

Trisha Gee shares advice and lessons she learned the hard way while managing her career as a developer, lead, and technical advocate.

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