The AI business landscape

A data-driven analysis of companies that are adopting artificial intelligence.

By Aman Naimat
May 20, 2016
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Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly central role in everything from consumer electronics to retail, and from health care to cars. With such widespread applications, which companies have adopted AI as a new direction for their businesses? How are they using it and for what purpose?

By studying the AI market using AI, the forthcoming report The New Artificial Intelligence Market aims to answer this question. A graph-based machine learning model developed at Spiderbook learns industry vocabularies around AI, reads the entire business Internet, and then classifies businesses into different levels of maturity and investments in AI. We canvassed almost 500,000 companies around the globe to develop a data-driven, in-depth understanding of the AI landscape and various related technologies, like cognitive computing, deep learning, machine vision, natural language understanding, and autonomous cars. This report culminates in providing insights into industries and geographies investing the most in AI, and what they are building with it.

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As a teaser to the report, we’re providing a chart on how many businesses are using deep learning and a few examples of such businesses outside of the software/IT industry. We find that more than 600 companies have jumped into applying deep learning with real budgets. As you can see in the figure below, about 90 companies (level 3), have made strategic investments in deep learning for their businesses. Another 177 companies (level 2) are developing projects using deep learning with dedicated resources in staff. And more than 350 companies (level 1) are experimenting with deep learning in their labs.

Number of companies investing in deep learning
Figure 1. Number of companies investing in deep learning. Source: Spiderbook, used with permission.

Given how early deep learning is as a technology, the majority of companies investing in deep learning are IT and software businesses. However, we discovered interesting champions in other industries that are adopting deep learning as well. Below are some examples of companies that are not in traditional software or IT businesses, but that are adopting deep learning. Given that deep learning has early roots in image processing, it is exciting to see health care companies like Siemens Healthcare and GE Healthcare leading the pack, along with research institutions like the NIH and Lawrence Livermore National Labs. We aim to provide more insights into what these companies are doing with deep learning and other AI technologies in the detailed report.

Examples of companies investing in deep learning
Figure 2. Examples of companies investing in deep learning. Source: Spiderbook, used with permission.

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