Why grit and kindness are necessary for digital transformation

Digital transformation requires more than just technical know-how.

By Katie Verducci
June 17, 2019
Stairs and wall Stairs and wall (source: ekk814 via Pixabay)

Grit and kindness, two emotional soft skills, are also necessary for companies to succeed in the digital age, says Katie Verducci, PR lead at Bitwise Industries. These characteristics are not only possessed by many members of traditionally marginalized communities but help companies grow and thrive thanks to the talents of a diverse workforce.

Highlights from Verducci’s presentation include:

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Diversity and inclusion are not technology trends, but they are trends affecting the technology industry. Tech loses out when smart and capable people from backgrounds different than the ones usually represented in Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston, or Austin, Texas, are not given the opportunity to participate. These people bring different values and perspectives that help make technology better. (00:56)

Each year, there are only 60,000 computer science graduates from college, but there are more than a million job openings in technology needed to be filled. This is why companies will need to look outside the places they traditional look to fill these roles. (7:41)

Diversity and inclusion are not just good talking points, they are good business decisions. Research from MIT has shown that teams with women are more likely to attack problems faster and solve complex tasks more efficiently. African-Americans and Latinos represent half as much of the tech industry as they do other industries. Hiring from diverse talent pools enhances a company’s ability to think creatively, execute well, and increase revenue. (9:51)

You can see Verducci’s complete presentation in the video above.

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