Retail Cooperative Advertising Policy

O'Reilly is pleased to offer a Cooperative Advertising Program to our retail accounts.

In order to qualify, an account must be in good standing, have prior approval from an authorized O'Reilly Sales Representative in the form of a signed O'Reilly Coop Agreement stating the promotional program, titles to be included, and complete cost. Proper use of O'Reilly's trademark is required.

How Coop Funds are Accrued

The base coop allowance is calculated as 3% of the net billing for the prior calendar year using a combination of direct and indirect purchases from non-affiliated third party companies.

An account can earn an additional 2% coop allowance by qualifying as a Team O'Reilly Store. To qualify, an account must stock on a regular basis at least 150 O'Reilly backlist titles, do two O'Reilly only promotions a year, and agree to provide quarterly sales results for all O'Reilly and Client publisher titles.

Accounts can earn an additional 10% of the net purchases of one supporting order, shipped to one location, for titles purchased for a sanctioned O'Reilly author appearance.

How Coop Funds May Be Used

Coop funds are intended to promote the sell-through of O'Reilly titles, and, with the prior consent of an O'Reilly Sales Rep may be used for advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio and television, store catalogs, and other similar media. They may also be used to purchase preferential store placement when an account has a stated program for doing so. Coop may also be used for staging O'Reilly store events or special author promotions.

How to Submit Coop Claims

In order to receive credit, an account must submit an official coop claim signed by an O'Reilly Sales Rep within 60 days of the advertisement/promotion, along with evidence that the promotion was run. If the promotion was for an in-store placement program, the O'Reilly sales rep must verify the placement.

How Accounts Will Be Reimbursed

After all applicable documentation is received for an approved claim, an account will be credited through IPS, the amount not to exceed the maximum accrued coop. Under no circumstances is an account allowed to deduct a coop claim prior to providing documentation and receiving a notice of credit being issued.

To Participate

To participate in the O'Reilly Coop Allowance Program, please contact your O'Reilly Sales Rep. If you do not have an assigned rep, please contact Grant Kikkert, National Accounts Manager, at 800-981-7013 or

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