On Aug 1 Doron Katz wrote: Great foundation-building book on Ruby
My first into the foray of Ruby, a pre-cursor for me before going into Ruby on Rails. I have always wanted to read about something that has been talked about by quite a large cult of followers on the internet, so without any prior knowledge or experience in this language, I decided Learning Ruby by Michael Fitzgerald would be my first ‘Hello World’ book to pick up. This book certainly fit the intention of a beginner who wanted to get into the world of Ruby, and this book has a plethora of examples to get you going, along with revision questions at the end of each chapter to solidify your knowledge of the chapter’s contents. But bare in mind, this book teaches you primarily the basics, with any of the interesting Rails stuff, the author is providing you just a taste of the flavour, giving you a chance to take the next step in subsequent books (which I will hopefully review soon and learn a bit of myself). Looking at the chapters the author does provide in the book, the author begins with the Ruby Basics, talking about the history of the language, installing and setting up the language on your specific platform. The author then provides a Quick Tour of Ruby in the second chapter, going into variables, operators, reserved words and OOP concepts, before going deeper into Conditional Logic and Strings and Math operators in the following three chapters. Full Review  >

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On Jul 30 Elissa Shevinsky wrote:
Full Review  >

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On Jul 22 Przemysław Dąbek wrote:
Learning Ruby can be still valuable position for beginner however I would recommend find more up-to-date book. Full Review  >

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