On Mar 1 Jeff Ammons wrote: Review: Douglas Crockford JavaScript Master Class
Love it or hate it, you *will* use JavaScript. If you don't watch this series or read Crockford's book you *will* screw up. He helps you find the Good Parts of JavaScript and avoid the profoundly bad parts... Full Review  >

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On Mar 21 Jason Irwin wrote: Excellent Content
The Douglas Crockford JavaScript Master Class is a 14 part video series (running almost 6 hours in length) recorded in 2009. In the series, Mr. Crockford, long-time JavaScript developer/speaker/writer, the creator of JSLint and commonly recognized as the father of JSON, provides a deep-dive into the JavaScript language. Along the way he often leverages his insight to provide relevant historical references, explaining how language features evolved, where W3C members took divergent routes and why so often we end up writing different code for different browsers. While itís a matter of taste, and some people prefer only technical content, I found the historical annotations to be deeply interesting and beneficial when arguing for or against the use of a specific language feature or construct. Full Review  >

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On Oct 8 Santosh Shanbhag wrote: Learn from the master!
Having read Douglas Crockford's Javascript articles and blogs, I was naturally inquisitive to try out his JavaScript Master Class. Overall, I found the contents to be very good and relevant today even though this was released in 2009. Of course, some tracks could have been done a little better. For example, the starting video of "History of the language" is 44 minutes. It should have been trimmed to under 10 minutes, in my honest opinion. I would have liked more coverage on the other sections rather than 44 minutes on the history. I finally understood the various inheritance mechanisms in JavaScript thanks to the coverage on pseudo-classical prototypical and functional inheritance. The coverage on the "Theory of the DOM part one and two" provide insights into the complex DOM model and how the browsers render them. There are many snippets throughout the video that are enjoyable thanks to Doug's sense of humor. Overall, a good buy for those that are new to JavaScript. This doesn't qualify as a "Master class" but it is very good nevertheless. Full Review  >

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On Sep 13 Grant van Staden wrote: JavaScript Fundamentals
This series is a bit outdated but still contains solid advice that every proficient JavaScript programmer should know. There‚Äôs some coding but the series is primarily theoretical with a lot of historical context. Essentially this collection is a remastering of video talks from Douglas Crockford available at YUI Theater and on youtube. Full Review  >

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