On Sep 14 Dave Cottlehuber wrote: The whole kit and kaboodle
This book is awesome. It will become your bible for windows debugging, and covers both theoretical aspects such as how the kernel & userland fit together in Windows, details on how 64 bit & 32 bit cohabit etc, and real-world expertise on debugging strategies for remote, local, and virtual machine scenarios. Full Review  >

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On Sep 7 Claudio J. Lacayo wrote: Best resource for learning WinDbg
"Inside Windows Debugging: Practical Debugging and Tracing Strategies" by Tarik Soulami; O'Reilly Media;) This book follows the mantra: "Code can always be traced and understood" and you learn this hands on by working both with WinDbg and Xperf. It's mainly geared toward software developers immersed in C/C++/C# (.Net) and its purpose is to expand the skill-set and familiarity with debugging and tracing. Full Review  >

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