On Feb 16 Juan Jose de Leon wrote: “Exam Ref 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure” from Steve Suehring, Microsoft Press
Microsoft always recommends to have experience with the product. This resource is a companion along with other training resources. That said, I only recommend it for the final stage of preparation before the exam, once you've studied with other materials. Full Review  >

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On Feb 11 Fabio Alessandro Locati wrote: Good book, with small changes can be great
I come to this book less than a month after reviewing the 70-410 Exam Ref. As the title may suggest, this book is tailored to the preparation of the Microsoft 70-413 exam. Speaking of the exam, I have to advice that the book does cover any exam objective, but does not cover every exam question. Full Review  >

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On Feb 4 Giuseppe Simpatia wrote: “Exam Ref 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure”, by Steve Suehring; Microsoft Press
Readers of this book are arguably experienced skilled System Administrators who are planning to take the 70-413 exam which counts as credit toward the MCSE certification. This means that you will probably not have a deep understanding of all topics described in this book, unless you have successfully achieved the MCSA certification or alternatively you have a corresponding job experience. Main situations described in this book refer to advanced and complex configuration scenarios but, thanks to a good organization of the chapters, everyone without an MCSA certification who is willing to have a firmer understanding of particular topics of Windows Server 2012 can refer to specific chapters of this book. What I really liked in this book is that the author provides many links pointing to external study materials; this can result particularly useful if you want more information about a specific topic. For example, [...] Full Review  >

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