On Oct 15 Radu Cernea wrote: An excelent book on time management
Well, there are plenty of so called experts in productivity, time management, life improving, etc. But Brian Tracy, bestselling author of more than fifty books, stands out by having created a book that is an easy to read, easy to understand and the principles are so simple that one has no excuse not putting them in practice and becoming more efficient. So I would highly recommend it to anyone having problems with time management ! Full Review  >

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On Feb 26 Edythe Hamilton wrote: Time is Everything
In addition, we all know at one time or another, we have procrastinated. He deals with that monster in Chapter 13, ‘Overcome Procrastination’. Full Review  >

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On Feb 8 Dale Betts wrote: Feel like your short for time? Read on...
Full Review  >

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