On Sep 18 Peter Georgeson wrote:
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On Sep 9 Kenta Hood wrote:
For those familiar with Python, this is a good way of getting to know how to do computer vision. If you don't know Python, learn that first. There are plenty of good books for that. The examples in here are well done and I felt they did a pretty good job of helping you through the book. It does take some time to go through but it's a good way to learn how computer vision works. Full Review  >

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On Sep 2 Grant van Staden wrote: Broad Coverage of Computer Vision
This book takes a broad definition of what Computer Vision is. This allows it to explore a range of topics involving the use images and data derived from images in programs. Although some friendly introduction is provided, those with less experience in this area will have to keep their favourite search engine at hand. Nonetheless, there is a lot to gain from time spent reading this book. Full Review  >

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On Aug 23 Daniele Di Donato wrote:
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On Aug 6 Hernan Garcia wrote: In depth book for a very deep subject
If you ever wondered how to analyze and image to recognize shapes and objects, how to search on them or how to build a panoramic view from a series of pictures (among other things) this is the book for you. The author takes the challenge and with the help of a bunch of Python modules show you how to solve those and other problems. Full Review  >

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