On Dec 30 Amit Saha wrote: Right level of detail and introduction to system programming on Linux
In this book, the author discusses some of the most important topics that one would want to learn about when venturing into the area of “system programming” on Linux. He introduces the topics in a friendly manner adding some fun anecdotes from time to time (what does the “c” in calloc() stand for?). At various places, the reader is given a peek under the hood (for example, pause() is one of the simplest system calls implemented) which can only make the curious reader happy and itchy to download the kernel source code and start grepping. The book includes code examples throughout and hence if you are learning a topic for the first time, these are very useful starting points. Full Review  >

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On Dec 8 Kieran Barry wrote: Linux System Programming, 2nd Edition by Robert Love (O'Reilly 2013),
This highly readable book is an excellent introduction to both Linux and Linux system programming for a sysadmin or non-linux programmer. It also contains a valuable appendix on GCC extensions to the C standards. The focus is on user-space programming in C on Linux, with extensive discussion of the underlying kernel structures. The coverage includes files/process management/IPC/threading and time measurement. There is a discussion on processor affinity and real time systems which are not covered in other books I've read. Full Review  >

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On Jul 1 Mat Powell wrote: Linux System Programming
I picked up a copy of Linux System Programming to help me understand how to directly interact with the Linux kernel and from that, use these skills to help with reverse-engineering malware. While my expectations weren’t exceeded by any means, the book could have been so much more. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar3.0

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