On Mar 30 Marc 137 wrote: This book is one of those that should be present in the library of any python programmer
Update to the latest version of python, this book is one of those that should be present in the library of any python programmer. A small, compact reference that lets you learn (or remember) quickly as you need to program your application. Full Review  >

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On Mar 24 Tom Hood wrote:
Full Review  >

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On Mar 10 Eric Wright wrote: Perfect guide both new and existing Python devs
Because of the OpenStack work I’ve been doing, Python is a must-have skill. This book will get a lot of use without a doubt! Even in the VMware world, more and more Python is showing up in the dev and admin ecosystem, so this is a must have guide in my opinion. Full Review  >

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On Feb 20 Yasin Soliman wrote: Book Review: Python Pocket Reference by Mark Lutz
The first thing to note about the Python Pocket Reference is that if I was completely new to the Python programming language and wanted to pick up a handy 'reference guide' to getting started with essential concepts, this would not be an ideal book for my needs whatsoever. Apart from the single-page introduction, the book provides no logical flow that would allow someone new to Python to jump right in and start experimenting with basic functions and progress to advanced skills by the end of the book. There is other books that suit beginner Python programmers and I would suggest that a more detailed read in a tutorial format would suffice. However, if you're an experienced Python programmer with existing awareness and knowledge of the topics covered (statements, syntax, types etcetera) then Lutz's reference is an excellent book to keep handy whenever you're working with Python. As this is not a tutorial or guide book, expect no images or graphics to break up large paragraphs of text, but instead well-presented tables containing essential expressions linked to the current chapter and bullet-pointed lists with colour-coding and a distinctive pre-formatted typeface for code. Full Review  >

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On Feb 7 Carol Willing wrote: A handy and helpful guide on the current state of Python
As someone who teaches beginning Pythonistas to learn to program, this updated edition of the Python Pocket Reference is worth keeping close at hand. Full Review  >

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