On Apr 6 Jeffery Rine wrote: Homegrown Drones !
Your involvement with drones is only limited by your passion level and pocketbook. This issue features articles on construction, flying, and regulations of unmanned aerial vehicles. Full Review  >

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On Feb 24 Tuomo Kalliokoski wrote: Everything is available online
This is my second Make magazine and I found it disappointing. Most of the articles were either commercials to buy this or that, or in the case of the projects one has to download the actual guide to build it from the net. Full Review  >

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On Feb 17 Tom Hood wrote:
Full Review  >

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UI Testing with the UIAutomation Framework

Michal Konrad Owsiak wrote:
Good introduction to Instruments
So, you have already incorporated Unit Testing into your application. Now, it’s time to test… Full Review >

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