On Sep 27 Xavi Gimenez Sanchez wrote:
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On Jun 3 Leo Marihart wrote: Great for Cisco or CCNAs... or the seriously curious.
Upshot: And you may find yourself…in a machine room or data center. You will need this book. Pros: If you just passed your CCNA exam, or have started working with enterprise level Cisco kit, there’s a lot here for you. Cons: If you DON’T work with Cisco kit, why are you here? Full Review  >

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On May 24 John Brady wrote: Network Warrior, Second Edition
Network Warrior, Second Edition is an update of the original (2007). The first volume was well worth reading, and this updated version is definitely on the “must read” list for anyone working with Cisco gear. Be aware that the book is Cisco-specific with regard to commands and vocabulary. In the… Full Review  >

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The Book of GIMP

Jeffery Rine wrote:
The Book of GIMP
Contains detailed tutorials and reference for GIMP version 2.8. In my opinion, it's a must… Full Review >

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