On Feb 27 Arthur Zubarev wrote: Mastering Perl, 2nd Edition by brian d foy, O’Reilly Media Book Review
What can be better than getting a book from a renowned author (of at least two other books), a Perl committer, contributor and a person who teaches it, too? Impossible to answer, impossible to beat. A few words on the raise and… I do not believe there is a fall of Perl, but you may disagree. Perl, even outside of the CGI programming, is still very much alive and… you can do a lot in it! I also see it as a powerful data, text manipulation and processing platform (built-in RegEx, not to speak of the power of CPAN). The book rocks, even thought I am almost new (I used to write quite a few short-liners in my life under Linux, but they were mostly for some subtle text processing) to Perl. The book does not limit you to exploring the subject as it is represented in the book. Even as you progress through, actually, the book has list of references to other books and supplementary material at the end of each chapter. The material covers numerous advanced topics from how would you debug a Perl program using various debuggers, profile it, clean to how to write your own modules and ultimately contribute to the success of the language. It’s fun and easy to read, has useful concrete examples and short enough code to comprehend. Full Review  >

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