On Dec 9 Michiel van Otegem wrote:
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On Jul 24 Tom Borthwick wrote:
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On Apr 20 David Paccoud wrote: A great introduction to both concepts and implementation
This book is a great introduction to both concepts and implementation of Amazon Web Services. It does a great job demonstating the value of Cloud computing and the shift it requires in application design. Full Review  >

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On Mar 14 John Brady wrote: Programming Amazon EC2
Programming Amazon EC2 is a hands-on guide to use of Amazon’s cloud platform, with a focus on showing the reader how to approach the various components of the EC2 ecosystem. The authors state early on that the goal is to give the reader “a sense of all AWS functionality”, so… Full Review  >

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On Mar 8 Jason Irwin wrote: This is the Amazon EC2 Bible
I read somewhere that Programming Amazon EC2 is a title for people looking to adopt Amazon’s cloud platforms while avoiding a large amount of trial and error. I’ve been wanting to play around on this platform for a long time but have been a little intimidated by the myriad of terms and acronyms used to describe the available tools and configurations at my disposal. I fit firmly into the demographic that wants to get up and running with Amazon but doesn’t have the time to learn in this manner. The book is a pretty quick read and is packed full of useful information. Despite a couple of issues this is the de facto guide to Amazon’s web offerings and should (and will) act as a bible for anyone embarking on such a project. This book will undoubtedly save me countless hours in my future endeavors with these services and will pay for itself in no time. I highly recommend it. Full Review  >

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