On Apr 4 Marvin Lee wrote: The different PayPal API types
For developers who has extra customization or merely to get a better grasp of the APIs, this book explains it with workflow and diagram to help with understanding the flow of each payment type. In short, this is the Programmer's book or partly API documentation. Full Review  >

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On Mar 13 Moshe Eshel wrote: PayPal APIs: Up and Running By Michael Balderas
In short a book you can take out of your wishlists, no value for your money, all the data is available in at least the same level or better for free on the PayPal developer website. Full Review  >

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On Feb 23 Doron Katz wrote: Short, great, meat-y and useful.
Always thought PayPal needed it's own dedicated book and here it is. Michael Balderas provides a concise book (yes it's a bit small) that details how to use the PayPal API, working with PHP and Objective-C (although I doubt the relativity of Obj-C considering iOS developers won't be able to make use of third-party payment APIs), you will learn to integrate PayPal into your website or application. Full Review  >

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