On Dec 20 Andrew Shuping wrote: Great addition to any UX shelf
There are plenty of books on user experience, heck there are probably 5 more being written right now. So why should you read Leah Buley's "The User Experience Team of One?" Not only is this a well written book, but Leah also fills a current void in the UX literature, which is some of the challenges that someone might face trying to start a UX program at their POW. Leah not only answers addresses this challenge, but also provides a solid framework of how to construct a plan, gain support from your colleagues, and how to show management that this is a worthwhile pursuit. Full Review  >

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On Sep 26 Alan Klement wrote:
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Unmesh Gundecha wrote:
Guide to SlideShare that shines
it and Andrea's book "Present Yourself" is a great guide on using SlideShare for visual… Full Review >

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