On Nov 11 Blaize Kaye wrote: "Becoming a Better Programmer" by Pete Goodliffe; O'Reilly Media
I think that for someone early in their career as a programmer, Goodliffe's "Becoming a Better Programmer" may be a good investment. It covers a number of topics that are of direct and indirect importance to working programmers, from error handling and working with unfamiliar code bases through to more nebulous issues such as teamwork and professional ethics. Full Review  >

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On Nov 6 Noreen Sarai wrote: An Illustrative approach to programming
There could have been no better way of making already programmers or potential programmers be aware of the basic self requirements for coming up with a code than the way Pete Goodliffe described it in his book, Becoming a better Programmer. Full Review  >

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On Oct 18 Brian Long wrote: A non-professional's take
Goodliffe’s Becoming a Better Programmer is marketed to a wide range of readers: to veterans, newcomers, and also to those who do some programming on the side as a hobby. This is not entirely accurate– the book clearly has professional developers in mind most of the time– but I found the book to be an interesting discussion of aspects of the art and craft of programming all the same. Full Review  >

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