On Nov 26 Bill Osuch wrote: Book review: The Lego Build-It Book, Volume 1, Amazing Vehicles (Kuipers & Zamboni, O’Reilly Media)
The Lego Build-It Book, Volume 1, Amazing Vehicles is the perfect resource for our situation. In this 132-page book, the authors show you how to build 10 different vehicles from one Lego kit. You can build several types of cars, a rescue truck, go-kart, and more. The instructions are presented in the same style as an "official" Lego manual, with each page showing an inventory of pieces needed and step-by-step instructions. Full Review  >

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On Sep 3 Tuomo Kalliokoski wrote: Does anybody have extra Super Speedster :)
This book reuses parts from LEGO CREATOR Super Speedster (#5867) for creating 10 different vehicle models (well jury is still out for stroller). The book has more detailed bill of materials if you don't have the Speedster but you have other modern CREATOR sets. Full Review  >

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On Aug 26 Santosh Shanbhag wrote: A Kid's dream come true
When I showed the book cover to my 8-year old son, he just couldn't resist the temptation. He kept on asking me to get the book for him which I eventually did. I must say this book has made him happy and engaged. I am glad that the book has a one-pager with a "bill of materials". That allowed me to take a printout with me and my son to the Lego shop "pick a brick" section. If you already have a couple of Lego toys for building cars, you probably don't need to buy the parts at all. Full Review  >

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On Aug 22 Tom Hood wrote:
Full Review  >

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