On Aug 7 Marc Zucker wrote: Object-Oriented JavaScript - A Book Review
Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript tries to correct a misconception out there: JavaScript doesn’t have objects. But it does and author Nicholas Zakas is here to correct that. At its heart it is a conceptual book, and as Zakas states, “This book is intended as a guide for those who already understand object-oriented programming but want to know exactly how the concept works in JavaScript.” Full Review  >

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On Jun 29 Steen Thrane Jacobsen wrote:
Full Review  >

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On Mar 11 Adam Guyot wrote: Perfectly Concise OO
There are a ton of books on JavaScript and quite a few of them are good. However, there are very few of them I would recommend, mostly I just tell people: find one that looks good and get it, it doesn't really matter in the end. This one is a must read though. I can't imagine that one would get to an advanced understanding of JavaScript without the knowledge contained in the book. Full Review  >

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