On Oct 6 Aleksander Hansen wrote: An Inside Look at the Economics of Cybercrime
In Blackhatonomics, Will Gragido, Daniel Molina, John Pirc and Nick Selby take you on a fascinating tour of the world of cyber-criminals. Delving into interesting case studies and the economics of cyber-crime, this book would likely be of interest to those intrigued by cyber-security, as well as those who seek a better understanding of the economics behind cybercrime and what drives that part of the "underground economy." Full Review  >

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On Aug 10 Craig Richards wrote: Great Insightful Book
This is a great book, a good insight into the world of Cybercrime, I recommend this book to all people interested in this topic. Full Review  >

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On Aug 7 Mat Powell wrote: Blackhatonomics
There’s just something fascinating about cybercrime. For an industry that’s rapidly (and dangerously) growing, it’s important to understand the psyche of your adversaries in order to mitigate risk to your network. Blackhatonomics takes you through (a rather interesting) journey into the history of cybercrime and it’s evolution up until today. From blue boxes to Stuxnet, the psychology, motivation, geolocation, and proliferation of crime packs is reported in a great, easy to read format. What’s even more disturbing is the the lack of enforcement and legislation, making it a prime time to be a cyber criminal. Until governments start allocating more resources and legislation start empowering them to track and prosecute them, cyber crime will continue to evolve and become more and more enticing to criminals globally. Full Review  >

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