Software Announcement

August 20, 2001

Effective August 20, 2001, WebSite Professional will be published by WebSite lead developer Bob Denny will continue development of the product, now named Deerfield WebSite. In 1994, Denny created the original 16-bit server for Windows 3.1 on which WebSite was based. Denny was the lead developer for WebSite throughout the six years the product was commercially available from O'Reilly & Associates. O'Reilly will no longer sell or support WebSite Professional.

Webboard is now published by, a leading online community software developer. ChatSpace will continue to support and develop WebBoard (see For more information on WebBoard, visit

In March, 2001, O'Reilly & Associates announced that we were discontinuing further development of software products. We're pleased that our two flagship products, WebSite and WebBoard, have found new homes and will continue to be developed and supported.