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November 9, 2004

Bubba Catts and the Crank Callers

The battles between spammers and anti-spam activists are often fierce and bitter. But some "antis" maintain a sense of humor about their attempts to drive junk emailers off the Internet.

Chapter three of Spam Kings recounts a 1999 prank played on Louisiana spammer Bubba Catts by two unidentified telephone callers. An audio recording of the approximately three-minute phone call is available in MP3 format here.

In a March 2004 email interview, Catts said the recording was "heavily edited" in order to make it sound as if he was afraid. "If I DID for 1 minute THINK ...that 2 DRUNKS were coming over to `whup my ass,'I would have been MORE than HAPPY to OBLIGE THEM," wrote Catts.

Catts also claimed that the recording is "another example of ANTI LIES and DISTORTION of the TRUTH."

(Photo of Bubba Catts originally published at his website, Bayousouth.net.)

Posted by brian at November 9, 2004 7:29 AM


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