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November 1, 2004

Russian Denies Authoring "SoBig" Worm

Updated 11/2/04: Details on Ibragimov's denial are now available in this article at OReillyNet.

I spoke with Ruslan Ibragimov, owner of Russia-based Send-Safe, about an anonymously published document (a copy of which is here) that identified him as the author of SoBig, a computer worm that was rampant on the Internet in 2003.

Since SoBig was first identified in January 2003, experts have suspected that the worm was created in order to turn infected PCs into "Trojan" proxies that could be used to anonymously send spam. But the report pseudonymously by "Author Travis" is the first to publicly finger a specific spam operation as the source of the worm.

Ibragimov flatly denied the report and said Send-Safe has no connection to SoBig. He said the report was based on flimsy technical evidence.

Posted by brian at November 1, 2004 11:24 AM


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