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December 13, 2004

Undercover in the land of fake-Rolex spam

BlackMarketMoney.com logo Do "unsubscribe" links actually work, or are they just another spammer scam? To find out, I went behind the scenes at BlackMarketMoney.com, a mysterious junk email operation that's been blanketing the Internet with spams for replica watches. As I explain in Remove Me!, a new article at Salon.com, my undercover mission in the heart of fake-Rolex spam produced a number of surprises. For one thing, lots of savvy Internet users are clicking unsubscribe links, against the advice of experts. Check out the article and find out what happened when I tried to get removed from the watch-spammers' lists.

Here, for your amusement, is an archive issued by the spam operation to all its sales affiliates (spammers). It contains a list of "do not spam" domains and keywords. (Cia.com?!)

Posted by brian at December 13, 2004 8:59 PM


It is absolutely ridiculous to claim that spammers do not honor remove lists. Do people not understand the logic here? Do people not have any common sense anymore? As a spammer I spend a good deal of money on my operation and a good deal of time setting up and managing it. Now do you honestly think that we want to waste our time and our resources amoungst other things sending advertisements to surfers that DO NOT want them?? Again... wheres the logic? We are in this to make money, how are we to make money if we waste time spamming those that will not partake in our offers or purchase our items? Also take in consideration the risk factor of this.. Do people honestly think we want to put our operations at risk anymore than they already are? If we were to do as you and the majority say..

1) We are losing money overall.

2) We are putting ourselves, our sponsors, and our providers of resoures at risk of being reported and shut down by anti spammers and complainers.

3) We are wasting time and resources that could be used on GOOD email lists of *true* potential clients/customers for our services and products.

People need to get off the false media hype that has been spread amoungst websites all across the net.

Media misconception derived from so called "legitimate" Anti Spam groups is one of the main reasons the general public believes we are "criminals" and that are sole intention is to create havoc throughout the internet.

We are marketers, we have families, we are trying to make a living. The internet was made to share information and make business. E-Commerce has changed our society and will continue to forever. We are simply taking advantage of what it was created for. In how many ways do you see spam daily? Just think about that and how much harder it is to eliminate THOSE types of spam...


Posted by: Swank at December 16, 2004 4:50 AM

Swank, you make some good points. But the fact remains that lots of spammers (including the affiliates at BlackMarketMoney.com) don't bother cleaning their lists. Everyone I interviewed for the Salon.com article was still getting fake-Rolex spam, despite having unsubscribed weeks ago.

Posted by: Brian at December 16, 2004 8:43 PM


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