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January 24, 2005

Fighting Dr. Fatburn

Another item for those who enjoy learning how their sausage gets made. Here's an audio file of an April 7, 2003 court hearing in Anne Arundel County district court in Glen Burnie, Maryland.
Dr Fatburn
The hearing is part of the Spam Kings story of George Alan Moore, a diet-pills spammer who also went by the name "Dr. Fatburn." Chapter 8 of the book chronicles the battle between Dr Fatburn and an anti-spammer named Francis Uy, who published a web page that included the contact information of several spammers, including Moore.francis uy

At the hearing, Moore unsuccessfully tried to convince a judge that Uy was inciting others to harass him, and that the court should order Uy to remove the web page. The case touched off a heated discussion about the privacy rights of spammers at the Slashdot site.

(There are also a couple news reports about the incident here and here.)

The hearing lasted approximately 1 hr 54 minutes. Warning: that download is a hefty, 14.7 mb MP3 file. To "stream" the audio (listen while it downloads), click this link instead.

Posted by brian at January 24, 2005 12:54 PM