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January 4, 2005

Tsunami causes Nigerian-spam morph

Clint Swett of the Sacramento Bee has a story today about the latest trend in "Nigerian" scam-spam: so-called "419" con artists are re-writing their messages and using the recent Indian Ocean tsunami as their hook. (The article mentions Spam Kings and includes a couple quotes from me.)

The morphed spam (one example is here) follows the same template as the garden-variety stuff from Nigeria. ("If you help me get several million dollars out of a bank account, I'll give you a percentage. But first, I'll need you to put up some cash to grease the wheels, etc.")

Meanwhile, other fraudsters are reportedly trying to swindle people with spams soliciting donations to bogus tsunami-disaster relief organizations.

Haven't seen such cold-hearted scamming since 9-11.

Posted by brian at January 4, 2005 2:20 PM


1m silence more i need work

Posted by: mike at January 17, 2005 9:54 AM


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