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February 5, 2005

AOL settles with spam king

brads-hummer.jpgAmerica Online has reached a settlement agreement in its first lawsuit under CAN-SPAM.

On January 25, a federal court in Virginia approved the settlement between AOL and Brad Bournival who, along with partner Davis Hawke, was sued by AOL in March 2004.

Terms of Bournival's deal are confidential. But it's safe to say that he is permanently enjoined from spamming AOL, and that he has paid the company some undisclosed amount of money in damages. Oh, and Brad says he is no longer driving that yellow Hummer H2 with the plates that read "Cashola." (Wonder if we'll see the vehicle raffled off by AOL in the future?)

Bournival, 20, claims the recently reported drop in spam hitting AOL is due in large part to him and Hawke being out of the business. For a period of time between 2003-2004, "we were the best" at getting spam into AOL, boasts Bournival.

So how does a former spam king get on with his life? Brad says he's going to use his chess smarts to become a professional poker player. Unfortunately, he still has to wait a few months until he turns 21 and can legally play at casinos online and off ...

Posted by brian at February 5, 2005 10:00 PM


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