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February 2, 2005

Get the original Spambook!

As previously noted, the SpecialHam.com spammer site has been running a banner ad for Spam Cartel, a book published by Syngress. (Updated 442 kb screen grab of the site here.) Syngress claims it didn't pay the $1,000 for the sponsorship. So I have to assume the anonymous author did, or maybe it was one of his cronies.

But, if you ask me, $49.95 (list) is a bit steep for a soft-cover book about how to be a spammer. (Perhaps it's a clever ploy by Syngress to ruin the economics of spamming?)

That's why I'm making this INCREDIBLE, limited-time offer. Right now, you can download a copy of The Spambook, for FREE! That's right. This amazing compendium of spamming know-how ordinarily sells for $29.99. But the Spambook is YOURS TO KEEP! No strings attached!

The Spambook was written by none other than Davis W. Hawke, the central figure of Spam Kings. (The document says the author is "Anonymous," but the source to the page lists "jkincaid" as the author. That's one of Hawke's aliases.)

Last revised in July 2002, the Spambook is a bit outdated. But it's still FULL OF GEMS, and it's virtually free of typos and misspellings!

Posted by brian at February 2, 2005 9:12 AM


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