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March 4, 2005

Spanked spammer returns

SpamForum logo More proof that suing spammers doesn't always bring results...

After a period of downtime, the SpamForum.biz spammer website reappeared late yesterday. The site is now located at IP address, which is owned by Schlund, the German ISP. All the postings are quite old, suggesting SpamForum operator Levon Gillespie, 21, wasn't dutiful about backups.

Schlund is also hosting Gillespie's business site, cheapbulletproof.com, ( through which Gillespie resells "bulletproof" hosting to spammers.

According to Spamhaus, Schlund has several other spammers currently using its services.

Gillespie's sites have been chased off numerous ISPs since last summer, when he first came onto the radar of Shiksaa, one of the main anti-spammers profiled in Spam Kings.

Last summer, Gillespie posted a log file at SpamForum.biz detailing a brief June 2004 confrontation he had with Shiksaa. A few months later, he thought better and deleted the posting, but I saved a copy for posterity. Here's an edited excerpt:

Shiksaa (5:10:35 PM): i want to know why you're in the business you're in
Shiksaa (5:10:40 PM): just curious
Levongillespie (5:11:12 PM): i do not wish to coment on this
Shiksaa (5:11:23 PM): OK
Shiksaa (5:11:34 PM): I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot more of you, Levon
Levongillespie (5:12:00 PM): why is that
Shiksaa (5:12:06 PM): why is what?
Shiksaa (5:12:10 PM): seeing more of you?
Levongillespie (5:12:13 PM): yes
Shiksaa (5:12:15 PM): in my spam investigations
Shiksaa (5:12:26 PM): your name is coming up a lot lately
Levongillespie (5:12:37 PM): interesting
Levongillespie (5:12:39 PM): ok
Shiksaa (5:12:52 PM): Not really. You're just another creep in a long list of them

Soon after this conversation, Gillespie was sued by Microsoft in a Washington State superior court.

Microsoft recently revealed that it received a $1.4 million default judgment in its lawsuit against Gillespie, because he never showed up in court. The company said it was still hoping to collect the money.

In a posting at SpamForum yesterday, Gillespie wrote, "Back again.. Stable Wont be shut down."

Posted by brian at March 4, 2005 9:45 AM


fucl yall haters

Posted by: at March 6, 2005 12:40 PM

I want to know why the hell the US government isn't taking this seriously. Every unsolicited commercial email sent, whether it's in bulk or otherwise, takes up the time and computing resources of the recipient without his consent, and is therefore a Denial-of-Service attack.

That's a Federal felony, folks. I will believe that the US government takes this seriously when Alan Ralsky gets hauled away by US Marshalls and stuffed into six-by-eight-foot cell with half a dozen members of the Rolling Sixties Crips. Until that day comes, I refuse to believe that the US government wants to do anything about the problem.

Posted by: death to spammers at March 8, 2005 8:40 PM

"I will believe that the US government takes this seriously when Alan Ralsky gets hauled away by US Marshalls and stuffed into six-by-eight-foot cell with half a dozen members of the Rolling Sixties Crips."

Sorry wont happen fella. Would be nice to see an anti spammer dumped off on 53rd and Paseo to have an ice cream with the fello Vice Lords. :)

Posted by: dollar at March 14, 2005 1:36 AM

"Stable Wont be shut down."
Well... in the meantime, German webhoster Schlund
has reacted to multiple complaints and shut down
the webserver which was hosting cheapbulletprooof.com and spamforum.biz. Anyway, the
domains were taken from DNS as well.
So I don´t think we will see spamforum.biz back
any time soon.

Posted by: Goofy at March 20, 2005 4:02 PM

the us government doesnt want to do anything about the spam

they would rather have everyone use the old postal system and then they would make money again like they used too off people communicating

Posted by: intell1gence at April 3, 2005 12:56 AM


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