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April 4, 2005

Spam Kings on the spam blogs

spamfo logo Two nice reviews of Spam Kings in recent days from my fellow spam bloggers.

Most recently, Alan Rowe contributed a detailed review for the Spamfo site. Rowe concluded his review this way:

All this really brought home to me exactly what I thought was the main point of the book. That penis enlargement email winging its way towards you right now is and has been a subject of incredible passion -- from real people. I found Spam Kings to be a fascinating read and I thouroughly recommend it.

Besides reading Spam Kings, Rowe sought feedback from folks in the Nanae anti-spam newsgroup, which features prominently in the book. In the process, he discovered what he termed "a certain amount of conflict regarding McWilliams' book," especially surrounding the "heroine" of Spam Kings, an anti-spammer named Shiksaa.

spamroll.gif A few days ago, Michael Gracie, of the recently launched Spamroll blog, wrote up this generous appraisal of the book, a longer version of which was simultaneously published at the Slashdot.org "news for nerds" site.

The Slashdot.org review of Spam Kings generated some interesting comments, including a couple heated ones from anti-spammers. I will respond to those remarks, and to the Shiksaa situation mentioned in the Spamfo review, in an entry here soon.

Posted by brian at April 4, 2005 9:01 PM


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