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May 18, 2005

Spammer domains up for auction

A federal bankruptcy court in south Florida is in the process of selling off assets of a spam operation bankrupted by lawsuits.

Rockin Time Holdings (RTH) of Aventura, FL was sued by both Microsoft and Amazon.com in August 2003 and filed for bankruptcy the following December.

Next week, an assortment of over 150 domain names held by the company is on the auction block.

I can't imagine they'll get much for some of them. For example, ViagraPhysician.com will quickly be lost to domain arbitration. Maybe the "adult" domains will be worth more. (They're not listed, "due to their content.")

Sorry, but Ultrameds.com, the main domain formerly used by RTH, isn't among those up for auction. (It apparently changed hands shortly after the 2003 lawsuit.) Nor is MaxGirth.com among those listed.

According to the court docket for bankruptcy case 03-43455, besides the domains, other items were also listed on eBay, and some assets (real estate perhaps?) are being auctioned by Tranzon, LLC.

RTH was also was known as Docdrugs or Pinnacle Meds.

Posted by brian at May 18, 2005 11:30 AM


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