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July 6, 2005

Spam Kings ad at SpecialHam.com

If you visit the SpecialHam.com spammer forum, you may have recently noticed a banner ad for Spam Kings under the "sponsors" section. (If your Internet provider has blacklisted the site, here's a screen grab.)

For the record, neither I or my publisher had anything to do with it.

As you may recall, I made some noise at the start of the year about the ads that mysteriously appeared at the site for a book called Spam Cartel.

I wonder if the new SK ad is an attempt by someone at SpecialHam to tweak me for doing that.

The operators of SpecialHam.com are anonymous, so I asked a senior SpecialHam member who goes by the nickname Dollar if he knew anything about why the ad was created. He told me over AIM that SpecialHam is a "neutral board" and that "We love anti's and anti's love us."

That wasn't real helpful.

Now, I believe that spammers ought to learn about the careers of some of their high-profile colleagues. And they owe it to themselves to know the history of anti-spam efforts like Spamhaus and Spews, as well as the mindset of anti-spammers like Steve Linford and Shiksaa.

But no way am I going to sponsor SpecialHam to get that message out.

So, SpecialHam, much as I admire your banner-graphic skills, could you please remove that Spam Kings ad from your site?

Posted by brian at July 6, 2005 11:10 AM


It could be worse :-) A Chinese site is
displaying an unsolicited banner ad for an
anti-spam site I run.
I have no idea what the banner says :-)

Posted by: Francisco at July 6, 2005 1:06 PM

Maybe the spammers are simply showing their appreciation. After all, you refer to them favorably as "entrepreneurs", while their victims are written off as "cyber-vigilantes".

Posted by: spam killer at August 6, 2005 11:12 AM


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