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July 21, 2005

Where's Sanford?

plum-crazy-sm.jpg"Retired" spam king Sanford Wallace's legal troubles with the FTC over spyware seem to be deepening.

Last week, Wallace's attorney asked the U.S. District Court in New Hampshire for permission to withdraw as counsel for Wallace and his company, SmartBot.net. According to the lawyer, "counsel has had increasing difficulty communicating with the Wallace Defendants. Despite numerous attempts to communicate by mail, telephone and email, the undersigned counsel had not received any response from the Wallace Defendants for over a month."

When Wallace's lawyer finally caught up with him by phone on July 10 (presumably in Vegas), he apparently didn't have a very productive call. According to court documents, "counsel does not believe that he will be able to communicate any more effectively with his clients in the future."

Wallace is going to need a good lawyer. As part of a late-2004 preliminary injunction, he agreed to turn over lots of business documents to the FTC. But Wallace missed the May 18 deadline to comply. So, in June, the FTC asked the court to declare Wallace in contempt of court, and FTC lawyers also want the court to fine Wallace $500 per day until he complies with the order.

No decision yet from Joseph A. DiClerico Jr., the federal judge hearing the case.

Meanwhile, Plum Crazy, the night club Wallace ran for a while in Rochester, New Hampshire, after his retirement from spamming, is finished.

The joint on Rt. 11 still has a Plum Crazy sign out front, but there's a "coming soon" sign in the window that says the place will become Granite State Grill. Looks like the new owners have an addition underway on one end of the building. (Click the image above to see a larger photo.)

Posted by brian at July 21, 2005 12:54 AM


Sanford Wallace is in Las vegas at OPM Nightclub woRking as an assistant GM and as a dj. DJ MASTERWEB they call him OPM is Open thursday through sunday and you can find them there those 4 nights

Posted by: The King at September 6, 2005 5:19 AM


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