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August 28, 2005

Rizler pleads not guilty

ankle braceletAs I expected, former spam-king (turned online drug-lord) Christopher Smith ("Rizler") has pleaded NOT guilty Friday to the slew of charges against him, which include conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, wire fraud, selling misbranded drugs and money laundering.

Smith will await trial in a halfway house and must wear an electronic monitoring device -- the same kind of ankle bracelet sported by Martha Stewart. (Prosecutors had wanted Smith jailed instead, to prevent another fugitive incident.)

The trial may not take place for months. Smith's attorney says he needs to conduct hundreds of interviews to prepare a defense. Meanwhile, the prosecution will be sifting through evidence and compiling its case.

Among the evidence listed in court records is a boatload of computer files and other data seized from Internet service providers who sold web hosting to Smith. For example, a server (IP address confiscated from Everyones Internet, Inc. of Houston, Texas; and three servers (IP addresses,, and confiscated from The Planet Internet Services of Dallas.

Also seized via search warrants was data from Ohio-based Jumpline.com, which hosted numerous Smith drug sites, including rxorderfill.com (IP, digihealthcorp.net (IP, supremeproductsltd.com (IP, digihealthcorp.com (IP, samedaypayday.com (IP, licensedrx.com (IP, re