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November 19, 2005

Another house that spam built

marin house in weston, FLAnti-spammers love to make little discoveries like this. Kimberly W. Marin, wife of spam king Eddy Marin, is selling one of their homes in Florida. She's asking $735,000 for the 5-bedroom, 3,300-square-foot place in Weston, FL.

According to one Internet posting, Eddy's name used to be on the deed, but he actually lives at a different house, the location of which is a "well-kept secret."

The Marins, who make their appearance in Chapter 7 of Spam Kings, are no longer on the Spamhaus Top 10 list. But Spamhaus claims Marin's operation was among several big spam outfits raided by the FBI earlier this year. He's also allegedly linked to a Boca Raton company that was recently busted for stock spam fraud.

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