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March 10, 2006

Florida spammer linked to lost "iBill" data

Open letter to Florida spammer Glen Mccausland:

Dear Glen, are you missing several gigs of data?

Lance James of Secure Science Corporation tells me that the files he recently found containing millions of customer records were named 1ibill.rar, 2ibill.rar, 3ibill.rar and 4ibill.rar. Naturally, Lance was under the impression that the data might have belonged to iBill, Inc.

The only Google hits I could find on those filenames were from a time in 2004 when you, Glen, were apparently looking for some programming help to import some files with those same names into a SQL database. ("We own the server so you will have full access," you wrote.)

You didn't put your real name on that GetaCoder site, but you used your nickname, Pre111. You've used that nick for years, even back when you had a Prodigy account in 1997. At SpecialHam.com, you used the member ID Pre111, but listed your real name as "Glen Mac."

You even used Pre111 in the URL of your no-prescription medz site, PharmMall, which you officially announced last year.

Glen, what's the deal? Could it be that online-marketers.net, the site where you sell mailing lists, was hacked? Or did that programmer you hired to import the data make off with a copy?

Was it really iBill data or not?

Posted by brian at March 10, 2006 5:09 PM


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