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March 3, 2006

Leeching off Begg-Smith

Two new articles out of Australia about Olympic medalist Dale-Begg Smith and spyware: Spyware cybersigns point to Begg-Smith and Spyware critics question mogul Begg-Smith's rise.

Both articles include quotes from Andrew Forin, defending Begg-Smith. Forin, who identifies himself as a childhood friend of Begg-Smith's, sent me some emails last month in response to my blogging about Begg-Smith and spyware. andrew-forin.png

"Are you leeching off of Dales publicity?" asked one of Forin's messages.

I thought it was an odd thing for him to ask, given that his initial email to me promoted a book he's apparently writing about Begg-Smith. Forin wants people to pay $25.00 for the e-book, even though it's not even published yet. Here's how the budding author described his project (typos and spelling/grammar problems intact):

"One in Forever" Is the story of my life with Dale from the time I first met him in grade 11 up until Feb 15 2006. It give's an introspective view of Dales Character throughout the book, and even though I would never be able to re write the stories of what happened in our lives as unreal as they actually were, im sure anybody would still be quite satisfied with how unbeliveable, hilarious, emotional, horrifying, mind blowing, and incomprehendible our lives were when we were around each other.

Forin has himself dabbled in spam -- and a really low-grade version to boot. Two years ago, he sent out several batches of chain-letter spams (examples here and here). Similar spam-scams have drawn lawsuits from the US Federal Trade Commission. According to the FTC, "If you start a chain email or letter or send one on, you are breaking the law."

When I asked him, Forin didn't deny sending the chain-letter spams. "I guess you can just post whatever you want on your own site," he said.

What's more, Forin is a pop-up spammer, just like his old buddy. In 2004, Forin sent out spams advertising his site, AdVolume.com. In the messages, Forin sough to purchase "US pop up/under or banner traffic."

Note to reporters: Forin may not be the best source to use as a judge of Begg-Smith's character.

[Update: Judging from member remarks at one webmaster forum where Forin posted ads for his pop ups in 2004, Forin was quickly sniffed out as a spammer.]

Posted by brian at March 3, 2006 1:38 PM


*Sniff* *Sniff* Smells like burnt spam around here :)

Posted by: Some Dude at March 3, 2006 4:24 PM

Outstanding work Brian. :) Yes, it's really ME! :)_

Let me get busy :) and contact a few people who interviewed Andrew Forin. We may have enough data to warrant a round 3. I believe Forin currently is employed at an ISP? Correct Mr. Forin?

BTW Mr Forin and others. Take a gander at this thread and take note of member "goldbook" :)



Thanks again for the marvelous research on this individual. :)

Posted by: Steve Shubitz at March 3, 2006 6:44 PM

I think this might be his current employer. Makes you wonder if they know of Forin's reputation.

Posted by: SomeOne at March 6, 2006 12:49 PM

SomeOne: right. That's where I found that little pic of Forin.

Posted by: Brian at March 6, 2006 1:10 PM

I used to work with Andrew Forin. As I remember it, he signed on with Bravenet because his attempt at starting an advertising business alone bit the big one.

As far as I know he's still at Bravenet. When I worked there, rumour had it that he intended to jump back into business for himself as soon as he had the cash (pretty sure the boss either doesn't know that or is turning a blind eye to it...)

Andrew's one of those people that is amusing to laugh at during social gatherings, but no fun to talk to. He's been scoring points by claiming a relationship to Begg-Smith for way too long. While such a relationship may exist, I can't imagine that Dale is too impressed by Andrew's clumsy attempts to stroke his ego.

Getting a mention on Spam Kings is too good for him - he's smaller than small time. Delusions of grandeur and all that.

Andrew Forin appears to have something to do with ringtalent.com and imediatalent.com as well, according to the WHOIS registry. If you look at the record for oneinforever, you see a reference to imediatalent.com right away.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward at March 6, 2006 4:32 PM


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