Jon Follett

Jonathan Follett

Jonathan Follett is a Principal at Involution Studios where he is a leader of the firm’s emerging technologies practice, working with clients like Partners HealthCare, the Personal Genome Project, and Walgreens. His work has been featured in the Atlantic, Forbes, the Huffington Post, and Wired. Jon is an author of four books including “Designing for Emerging Technologies” (O’Reilly Media, 2014), which offers a glimpse into what future interactions and user experiences may look like for rapidly developing technologies — from genomics to nano printers to workforce robotics. Jon’s science fiction novel for kids, “Marvin and the Moths” was published by Scholastic in September, 2016.

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Jain Marble Temple pillar Frescoes, Ranakpur, Pali district, India

The edge of the IoT

As the Internet of Things grows ever larger, data analysis and decision-making will have to localize—shifting from the cloud to the edge.