Content Marketing on The Web: Web Writing for Blogs, Business Sites, Sales Letters, and More

Video description

Discover how to write for the web: either for your own brand or as a service that you provide to others. This video will include how to write a blog post, how to write website copy, how to write a persuasive sales script, and how to write SEO articles. 

The focus will always be on providing value and on understanding the value proposition of the brand that you are writing for. From there, you will look at methods you can use to grab attention, communicate clearly, keep the reader engaged and to encourage an emotional response. You'll cover the importance of content marketing for exposure as well as building trust, and just why writing is in many ways the currency of the web. 

Content is what brings the vast majority of people to a website. They search Google for content, they return to a website because they enjoyed the content. It is also what sells a product – and simply by improving a sales script, a company can massively increase conversions. Companies that don’t understand how to write for the web will therefore be at a massive disadvantage. This is common to see: we all have encountered countless business sites with muddled messages that fail to explain what the company actually does and why the reader should care. 

What You Will Learn
  • Study methods you can use to increase engagement and grab attention
  • Understand the role of content and content marketing
  • Write content for email, white papers, press releases, and more

Who This Video is For
Businesses that are currently failing to make a splash with their websites and social media, or that could be doing better. Anyone looking to increase sales of a product, to increase regular visitors to a blog, or to learn a valuable skill they can sell/use to augment a web development business.

Product information

  • Title: Content Marketing on The Web: Web Writing for Blogs, Business Sites, Sales Letters, and More
  • Author(s): Adam Sinicki
  • Release date: May 2019
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484249598