Office 2013 LiveLessons (Video Training)

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction to Office 2013 LiveLesson 00:02:01
  2. Word 2013
    1. The New Look and Feel of Word 2013 -
    2. Exploring Backstage View
    3. New Tabs and Tools
    4. Using Word to Edit PDF documents
    5. New Options For Managing Graphics
    6. Working with Online Videos in Documents
    7. A Look at Live Layout
    8. Understanding Reading Mode
    9. Presenting Documents Online
  3. Excel 2013
    1. The New Look and Feel of Excel 2013
    2. Using Flash Fill
    3. Understanding Quick Analysis
    4. Exploring Recommended Charts
    5. New Chart Customization Buttons
    6. PivotTable Creation Recommendations
    7. Using Multiple Table PivotTables
    8. How to Drill Up, Drill Down & Cross Drill PivotTable Data
    9. Exploring Stand-Alone PivotCharts
    10. A Look at Slicers for Tables
  4. PowerPoint 2013
    1. The New Look and Feel of PowerPoint 2013
    2. Understanding New Interface and Pane View Changes
    3. Exploring New Full Screen features
    4. A Look at the Enhanced Presenter view
    5. Viewing New Commenting Features
    6. Formatting Task Panes
    7. New Video Export Format
    8. New Charting Features
    9. Using the Eye Drop Color Tool
    10. Working with Smart Guides
  5. Outlook 2013
    1. The New Look and Feel of Outlook 2013
    2. New Ways to Respond to Messages
    3. Customizing the Inbox
    4. Working With People Cards
    5. Using the New Calendar Features
    6. Exploring improved Search Features
    7. A Look at Peeks
    8. Understanding Site Mailboxes
  6. Access 2013
    1. The New Look and Feel of Access 2013
    2. Exploring New Tools for Building Apps
    3. New Access Capabilities
  7. Additional Office Suite Applications and Support Applications
    1. The New Look and Feel of Publisher 2013
    2. The New Look and Feel of OneNote 2013
    3. The New Look and Feel of Project 2013
    4. The New Look and Feel of Visio 2013
    5. The New Look and Feel of Lync 2013
    6. The New Look and Feel of InfoPath 2013
    7. Using SkyDrive with Office 2013
    8. Using Office 2013 on Mobile Devices
    9. The New Look and Feel of Sharepoint 2013

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  • Release date: March 2013
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