Application Delivery with DC/OS

Building and Running Modern Data-Driven Apps

Application Delivery with DC/OS

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Developers and ops engineers have their hands full today delivering scalable, interconnected, always-on applications that can be consumed on a wide range of platforms—all while dealing with a container-driven distributed architecture. This practical report explores a new technology that can greatly aid the process: DC/OS from Mesosphere, a distributed operating system for managing multiple datacenter machines as if they were a single computer.

Author Andrew Jefferson, VP Engineering at Tractable, demonstrates how the integrated set of software tools in DC/OS (Data Center Operating System) allows you to easily manage and run containerized apps and data services in production. You’ll learn how to automate resource management, facilitate inter-process communication, and simplify the installation and management of distributed services.

This report helps you:

  • Learn exactly what DC/OS is and how it helps you configure and automate interdependent applications across on machine clusters
  • Manage DC/OS clusters, and install and configure packages from Mesosphere’s Universe registry
  • Design and write applications to run on DC/OS, manage persistent state, and use service discovery
  • Learn how to run DC/OS in production—from scaling, deployment, and security to monitoring and intrusion detection
  • Discover the enterprise application architecture requirements that DC/OS addresses

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Andrew Jefferson

Engineering at Tractable, London Previous affiliations: RotaGeek, Geneix, Apple